Working less is good for you…Really?


Who knew that working less can be, more productive.  The Wall Street Jounal article confirmed, what I always believed to be true.  I think we all knew that.  Having a predictable work schedule makes you more productive.  There has been numerous studies on this topic.

I am sure you have heard the “Work Life Balance” slogan many times at your work.  But, does our work environment really encourage “Work Life Balance”?  I highly doubt that.  You are expected to work long hours if you want to go up the corporate ladder.  I guess working long hours is synonymous with working hard (not necessarily working smart).

As you go up the chain, you have more responsiblity, hence spending more time in the office, cutting vacation short and taking emergency calls at the beach.  Then why bother with this slogan?  Well, I think this slogan does apply, but only selected few who had made it to the top and those who are OK with their current position.

It’s obvious to me that we should reward those who works smart and hard.  But how do you  encourage that kind of culture when the leaders are where they are based on how much time they have spent at the office and getting the “Great Asset to the company” title?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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