Opportunities for startups in the Health Insurance Industry

Recently I gave an interview on opportunities for start-up companies in the health insurance industry for a great site called IT Leaders Today.  Bellow is excerpts from the interview.

The health insurance industry has gone unchallenged for a long time. The recent passage of the healthcare reform legislation changes that. It creates both opportunities and challenges for the health insurance companies. The opportunity lies in serving a large pool of new customers. However insurance companies are mostly used to dealing with large corporate customers rather than the consumer market. Serving this large new pool of consumers will be a challenge for them.

Please got to IT Leaders Today for the full video interview.

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eBook Reader

Like a cell phone, it’s just a matter of time that most of us will own an eBook reader.  Already the consumer market is flooded with various models, varying from price to features.  Lucky for us, folks at Gizmodo have done a great job identifying the pros and cons of major eBook readers that are available today.  Some of the devices (like Amazon’s Kindle) even let you subscribe to magazines and newspapers.

I can definitely see the advantage of such a device.  For starters you don’t have to carry bunch of books and magazines when you are at the beach or traveling for work.  Also, most of the books are much cheaper than their paper version; and don’t forget by reading books in electronic format you are saving our precious trees and the environment but you are killing the book publishers.

I am tempted to buy one, but I think I will wait a bit for these devices to mature.

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iPhone Killer!

Droid vs iPhone


Verizon unveiled their Droid phone, which is based on Google’s open source Android operating system.   Verizon advertising Droid as “the phone that does everything that iPhone doesn’t do right”, check out this TV Ad.  Also, take a look at this comprehensive review which compares major features of Droid with iPhone. 

As you will see, Droid has some great features like:
1) pull-out key board, for those who likes physical key boards
2) Free Turn by Turn navigation application
3) True multi-tasking

My take on it, this is a great first attempt to take over iPhone, but Droid is missing the cool factor.  I am sure they will catch-up on App store, etc., but unless they can make it cool, iPhone will still rule.  Only time will tell who wins, but for now I’m keeping my iPhone.

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Want to play Tag

Tahasin_Alam_-_Personal_Website_20091013222559Some of you may have noticed my new FacebookTwitter profile picture looks like the one on the left.  Even though it looks like an abstract art, this picture is quite intelligent.  You can use your mobile phone to scan my profile picture (and rest you need to find out).

What am I talking about?  It’s called Microsoft Tag.  I came across this technology while going through my latest copy of Golf Digest.  Idea is very simple but quite effective.  Rather than having a standard barcode which translates to some type of static text, this 2D interactive barcode (Tag) can be linked to a variety of medium including websites, pictures, etc.  So, you can use your mobile phone to scan the Tag and walla…more information regarding that Tag is revealed on your mobile device.  You can create a custom Tag which can be overlaid using different background picture to make it look unique.  Play a round with this and let me know what you think about it’s future.

Click here to get started.

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Working less is good for you…Really?


Who knew that working less can be, more productive.  The Wall Street Jounal article confirmed, what I always believed to be true.  I think we all knew that.  Having a predictable work schedule makes you more productive.  There has been numerous studies on this topic.

I am sure you have heard the “Work Life Balance” slogan many times at your work.  But, does our work environment really encourage “Work Life Balance”?  I highly doubt that.  You are expected to work long hours if you want to go up the corporate ladder.  I guess working long hours is synonymous with working hard (not necessarily working smart).

As you go up the chain, you have more responsiblity, hence spending more time in the office, cutting vacation short and taking emergency calls at the beach.  Then why bother with this slogan?  Well, I think this slogan does apply, but only selected few who had made it to the top and those who are OK with their current position.

It’s obvious to me that we should reward those who works smart and hard.  But how do you  encourage that kind of culture when the leaders are where they are based on how much time they have spent at the office and getting the “Great Asset to the company” title?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Quicken buys Mint

I got an e-mail yesterday that Intuit (maker of Quicken) will acquire Mint.  Those who are not familiar with Mint, it’s a personal finance site, which allows you to manage your money…for free.  Quicken allows you to do the same but you need pay for it and it’s a desktop application.  But Quicken has great features like bill pay, etc. which Mint doesn’t have. 

Also, you may or may not know that, Quicken started Quicken.com their online version of the personal finance tool (similar to mint.com) for free.  I liked it very much, but inflexible tagging feature made me go back to Mint.  I thought quicken.com had great potential.  I liked the idea of “your wallet” feature (basically your cash), and their mobile alerts were great.  Also, all my banks were available, including my local Credit Union.

According to the e-mail founder and CEO of mint, Aaron Patzer will be the GM for Quicken’s personal financial application for desktop and web.  Hopefully we will see best of Mint and Quicken combined in the next release of mint.  With Intuit acquiring Mint, those who were skeptical about using mint because it might go belly up anytime; might start to use the site.  But then again I question, will it be Free, if so for how long?

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Temporary Disposable Phone Numbers

What a great idea.  There is a site called inumbr which allows you to create a temporary disposable phone number.  You can choose to keep the number for one hour, one day or one week.  I am gonig to start using it when I post anyting in craigs list or public forum.

Here is the screen shot:

inumbr configuration page

inumbr configuration page

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Welcome to my personal web site.  I will update this site periodically, so please stop by often.

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